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May 13, 2009

The Garden's Humble Beginnings

This year I planned to add a deep layer of compost and goat-stall-bedding to the garden before planting. With all the rain and a host of other projects that were more pressing, it just hasn't been done. My veggie transplants were getting very leggy and had long ago outgrown their peat pots. I decided that this would be another container garden year. However, we decided to redo the back deck, which is where I always put the containers.

In desperation I finally decided to just put the containers in the fenced garden plot. At least the fence will protect the plants from the frolicking dogs and hungry wild rabbits. I put paper feed sacks on the ground and set the containers on top; I'm hoping that this will at least help keep weeds down. Dh recently bought a wood chipper so I will have plenty of wood chips to put on top of the feed sacks as the season goes by. Eventually the feed sacks and wood chips will decompose, and I can still add goat-stall-bedding on top in the fall for next year's garden.

A friend gave me a bunch of 3-gallon pots, and I had a variety of containers I'd used in the past: washtubs, buckets with holes, and real plant pots of various sizes. The big ones now hold tomato plants, and I will plant pepper plants and herbs in the smaller pots. The pots are filled with compost and I'm hoping that this year I'll have more success than in the past. Gardening is a challenge for me here in Oklahoma; it was so easy in Michigan where the soil was rich and the rain was abundant.

What are you growing this year?


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Two things:
    1. Moss
    2. Old
    LOL! LOL! LOL!

  2. Today was my first real planting of the year... although my dh planted watermelons already. : )
    This morning before the rains hit, I planted in one "lasagna garden" bed:
    2 kinds of cucumbers
    yellow wax beans (yeah, I know they aern't everyone's favorite - but they are mine!)
    little green onions
    and MARIGOLDS around the border to ward off the chipmunks... hopefully!

    The rains came before we got to the square-foot garden beds in the lower section of our yard. Going in there next chance we get are:
    pumpkins, more watermelons, and a different kind of carrot. DH wants to try potatoes... but maybe not this year. We need to study our options for that.

    Happy Gardening!


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