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June 19, 2009

Follow-Up Friday

This week...

-- We moved the sheep to their new pasture.

-- I finished stocking my "Power's Out" cupboard. Our power occasionally goes out for no apparent reason, usually in the afternoon and lasting through dinner time. I put together a 3-meal supply of food that needs little or no cooking and preparation (for instance, canned soup, crackers, and canned fruit). Weight and portability were not a priority, so canned foods are appropriate. I added snacks and beverages as well.

-- How much hay do you need for the winter? We moved our last round bale this week, the middle of June! We are so thankful to have had so much this year - our neighbor cut and baled it for us on shares, then later offered his share to us. Usually we cut and bale our hay ourselves, by hand -- and have begun doing so again this week.

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