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June 12, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week I accomplished several things on my to-do list:

-- We moved the cases of bottled water and other items to the storm shelter.

-- Cleaned off the deck, and moved the washtubs and large plant pots to the garden area. This year I have a container garden inside the fenced garden plot. I've had no success with an in-ground garden here in Oklahoma, but so far the container garden is growing well. The last of the tomato plants are finally planted in these containers. They are late, but they should still have plenty of time to mature and produce fruit. There are green tomatoes on the older plants, and loads of flowers.

-- We moved the hand baler to the barn so we can bale hay in the shade. We also used horse panels to make four stalls along the long wall of the barn, so that I can separate the horses at feeding time.

-- Dh finished building the sheep shed. We wormed the sheep again and gave follow-up CDT shots, and hope to move them to their new pasture this weekend.

-- We moved the half-grown chicks to the chicken coop. They have integrated into the flock pretty well, maybe because the two meanest hens are broody and "stuck" on their nests, but we did lose one chick after a few days. When this happens I always think the poor chick starved to death. I put feed in several different places in the coop so the chance of the older ones keeping the younger ones away is minimized. The chicks spend a lot of time hiding behind a wire cage in the coop, so I put feed back there too where the older ones can't reach it. This one might have been the lowest on the pecking order among the chicks.

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