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June 24, 2009

A Goat of Another Color

I find it fascinating that some of our goat kids are changing color. Other than moon spots, we've never had kids change color before. Our kids are all three months old now.

This is Imagine at about two weeks of age. She was brown with a black dorsal stripe, and had no spots.

Imagine now has two spots: a small black one on her back and a white moon spot on her flank. She has really roaned out; her brown hair has a lot of grey in it now.

- - -

Splendor was born with both brown and white spots.

Splendor's brown spots now have white hair underneath. I think her spots will change to all white eventually. Her coloring was so flashy and unusual that I am a bit disappointed that the brown spots are changing.

- - -

Dove was born white, but after a few weeks we could see that it was a very complex color that just looked white. Her head seemed to be peach-colored under the white hair, and her body hair might have a backing of silver.

Now Dove's hair seems to be more of a light silver than white. She has a silver dorsal stripe down part of her back, and a silver tail. Time will tell, but I'm very curious to see what color she will become as she ages.

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