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June 17, 2009

How to Move Sheep

We moved the lambs yesterday from my "kid pen" (where I've always put my milkers and small kids till they are big enough to not go through the holes in cattle panels) to their new pasture down the hill.

Plan A: Dh started off by leading one down the hill, and came back up huffing and puffing. He'd have had a heart attack after walking up that hill 8 times, I'm afraid. I always walk up and down the hill, but he drives.

So, Plan B was to catch them one at a time, put that lamb in our jumbo dog crate, lift the crate with my help to the back of the truck and drive down to the new pen, one lamb at a time. I manned the gate at both locations. We accomplished it with no problems/disasters/getaways. Then he made a last trip down with the dog house and, driving very slowly, walked Dawg down the hill. Dawg now has a new home alongside the sheep pasture, where his presence, scent and bark will hopefully deter coyotes. The sheep are shut in their shed at night.

I am thankful to report that this morning they were all healthy and happy and ready to go eat some more grass.

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