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June 8, 2009

Infusing Oil

A few weeks ago I started a cold infusion of plantain, which takes a few weeks. Unfortunately I forgot to shake it daily and it grew a thick covering of fuzzy mold and had to be thrown out.

I wanted to infuse more plantain while it is still in season, and some yarrow too. So I picked more plantain - broad-leaved this time since that is what is available in my yard right now. The narrow-leaved plantain has gone to seed and dried out, but the broad-leaved plants are huge and green, and haven't sent up their seed stalks yet.

After letting the plantain leaves wilt a bit in a kitchen towel, I tore up half of the leaves and put in my crockpot, added a pint of olive oil and put it on the Warm setting for about two hours.

After cooling and straining the oil, I added the other half of the plantain leaves and warmed it again for another two hours or so.

I let the oil set overnight, then strained it and added yarrow leaves and flowers and warmed for another two hours. When that was cooled and strained, I stored the labeled jar in the refrigerator. I'll use the triple-infused oil to make soap and salve.

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