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June 15, 2009

Where Do You Keep Your Recipes?

Next month we will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. You can imagine how many recipes I've collected along the way.

I began with 3x5 recipe cards filed in a metal box, just like everyone else in the 70's. Those weren't really satisfactory though; the recipes often don't fit on the cards, and the collection eventually outgrows the box. Nowadays, I wouldn't want to even think about hand-writing a recipe on an index card - writing is getting to be difficult for my fingers.

Some years ago I started typing my recipes. If someone wanted a copy of a recipe, I could print an extra copy or photocopy the original. Magazine pages are easy to photocopy or tear out of the magazine. I have a couple of pages that my dentist's receptionist photocopied for me while I waited for my children - she said that patients often ask her to do so. And of course I have a large number of recipes printed from the internet or sent to me via email.

I keep my recipes in three notebooks/binders. One holds desserts, another holds older recipes that I haven't used in awhile; occasionally I'll go through that one and pull out some old favorites, but basically it holds the "overflow". The third is the one I use the most, with my currently-used recipes. I'd like a fourth notebook just for my canning recipes, and plan to put that together someday soon.

I also have a small spiral notebook where I keep records of what I've canned/frozen/preserved each year, and miscellaneous kitchen tips.

One section of my recipe binder contains my holiday menus and recipes. At first I had a list of the dishes I make and the name of the cookbook/page number where they could be found, but now I've typed up each recipe so they are all in one place. Also included: how long to bake a turkey, how to make great gravy, the way I "tweak" the original recipe, even what pans I use.

How do you organize your recipes? What works or doesn't work for you? Please leave a comment below.


  1. I keep recipes I have made and want to make again in binders but, I have way too many binders! I also have a plastic file box full of recipes "to try".

  2. LOVE this idea!
    Thank you for sharing. : )

  3. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I still have the plain green metal file box we had to start in Home Ec. Class back in 1955. (g) And, the one my dd had to start when she had Home Ec. I don't think they even teach that anymore!

    I have recipes in several places... and even have a bankers box full of them. I used to enter recipe contests & all those clippings, etc. came in handy. I pretty much know where the recipes are that I use if I need a recipe. But, your way is efficient and so much better!


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