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July 1, 2009

Canning Class

Yesterday I attended a class on canning food, taught by Dr. Barbara Brown. I've done a lot of boiling water bath canning before, but I didn't even open the box and take out my pressure canner until a few days ago, so I was thrilled to be able to take this class. I needed some guidance and reassurance.

We started off the morning with lecture, then some hands-on when we peeled and cut carrots into one pint jar each.

These went into the pressure canners.

We had some trouble with one canner that didn't want to come up to proper pressure. We had to move it off the burner, cool it down, vent the pressure, and start over.

While those processed, we ate lunch - make-your-own sandwiches from meat and cheese platters. We had a bit more lecture while we ate, then broke into small groups to work on the Granny Smith apples.

We each peeled and chopped two large apples, then cooked them five minutes in an electric skillet with light syrup.

Into the jars they went, and into the boiling water bath canners for ten minutes.

Our carrots were done about the same time as the apples.

I learned several things, as well as gaining some familiarity with pressure canners. I'll post those in a few days.

I have to admit that I asked if I could have all the carrot peels and apple peels to take home to my chickens. I was surprised when Dr. Brown said that someone asks at every class she teaches! Either the scraps are for their chickens or for their compost pile. Another attendee mentioned that she has a half-dozen hens at home too, so I shared with her. My chickens were quite appreciative of their treats.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful! I love the composition of each one. I hope one day you will write about this, and how you get those "perfect shots". : )

  2. How fun Kathi! My mom found me an old pressure canner but I'm too chicken to try and figure it out.

    Speaking f. I know you posted a recipe for strawberry lemonaid and I have freezer jars that I bought to make strawberry jam (we will see if I can) but I really wanted to make some lemonaid. Could you tell me how to make it without "canning" it?
    Christy Smith(newokiepioneers)

  3. Hi Christy,

    The strawberry lemonade just needs to be boiling waterbathed, no need to use the pressure canner. I suppose you could freeze the concentrate too.



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