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July 10, 2009

Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- I've added to the 72-hour kits, and added several more 2-liter bottles of water to our water storage.

-- We've donated more bags and boxes to charity. How is it that all this stuff is going away and yet not creating more room in the house? Both of the "children" (young adults?) worked on their rooms this week and let go of a great deal of "stuff". Good job!

-- I dehydrated carrots, red and green peppers, sliced lemons and sliced ginger. You can read more about the adventure on Monday. I'm sold on dehydrating as a great way to store food, and plan to do lots more of it.

-- I'm very pleased with the progress of the container garden. I wish I'd been able to plant more variety though. I need to be on the lookout for additional containers to use next year.

-- The kiwis continue to be a challenge. They do not like to be overwatered, but the heat has taken its toll on them. We lost one of the female plants this week but I think the other will survive, and the male plant seems to be ok. No fruit this year I guess; they are less than one foot tall.

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