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July 24, 2009

Pickin' Blackberries

Our granddaughter and her parents left Thursday morning to drive back home, taking our youngest daughter with them for a two-week visit at their house.

We never did manage to go blackberry picking while they were here, so I did that yesterday afternoon. I picked 3 quarts, and a quart with my granddaughter 1 1/2 weeks ago. Dh kindly brushhogged around the big thicket for me a week ago, which made the task much nicer. Flying insects buzzed around my head. I didn't worry about chiggers this year, since my ankles are already all scabbed up. I scared a cottontail out of the thicket.

There are two more thickets farther out that I rarely trek out to, and a single but very prolific bush on the back side of the pond. That one always has the best berries, so I'm hoping dh will brushhog next to that one too.

A couple of years ago, our youngest daughter and I startled (and were startled by) a coyote in the main thicket. He very quickly ran into the woods. Nowadays I usually take one of the dogs with me, but they were wallowing under the porch when I went down the hill today. Too hot, they said...

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