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July 8, 2009

Summer Fruit

Have you noticed today's date: 07/08/09.

When I trekked across the hayfield a week ago, the blackberries that were almost ripe were dry and pithy. During the big drought a few years ago the entire blackberry crop was lost; they just dried up and fell off the canes. I was afraid the same thing would happen this year. Due to a late frost we had no peaches, no apricots, only three plums, and only one of our trees has apples. The sand plum harvest was so small that I left them for the birds.

On the Fourth of July we had some good heavy thunderstorms and a nice, soaking, overnight rain. The big fireworks display in town was rained out, but oh, how we needed that rain!

Monday we walked out to the nearest blackberry bush to check the status of the berries. It was our granddaughter's first introduction to wild blackberries. We picked a couple dozen ripe berries, most of which went into our mouths immediately; she loves them as much as K and I do - the guys don't seem to have the "I like blackberries" gene. Looks like the rain was perfect - just in time, and just enough - of course the Lord knows when and how much we needed. The berries were perfect.

I think my dear granddaughter didn't believe me about how sharp those thorns are until she experienced them firsthand. We also had a talk about eating wild berries, that one must ask first to make sure they are safe to eat.

So far in the garden we've harvested the first red tomato, and a handful of grape tomatoes. The first red tomato means "summer"!

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