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August 7, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Dehydrated mushrooms and green peppers.

-- We added another stall in the barn for K's gelding, due to come home from the trainer this weekend. Our stalls are made with 10'x5' round pen panels, attached to the barn wall with pipe clamps. The horses are put in their stalls for feeding, so that each horse gets the proper amount of feed and there is no pushing and shoving and kicking - safer for both horses and people.

-- My buck goats went over the fence and spent some time with the milking does and the doelings. Hopefully no damage was done. The fence is fixed now but I've moved the bucks to another pen as well so there is less danger to my doelings. I don't want my doelings to get bred accidentally.

What did you do on your homestead this week? What did you accomplish towards your goals?

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