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August 14, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The apples on our tree are beginning to ripen. Only one of our trees wasn't affected by spring's late frost. I've been pulling off any damaged fruit and giving them to the horses and goats, but tonight we're having baked apples for dessert, and I'm looking forward to canning more apple pie filling.

-- We also harvested the first green peppers (and one that hid from me and turned red), and sweet banana peppers, as well as more tomatoes. The dehydrator has been running at least one day each week. Winter is a lot closer than we like to think.

-- The hardy kiwi plants have proved to be a trial. They do not like to be too wet but they also don't like to be too dry. I've killed three female plants so far and I'm afraid the last one is too far gone to pull through; the hot dry wind this week was too much for it. The male plant is still doing well, however.

-- I've had to laugh recently. I'm a member of several yahoogroups on the topics of canning and dehydrating and preserving food in general. I also have a long list of blogs that I peruse, which I keep track of using Google Reader. What's funny? When I realize that many of the blog writers are also members of those groups. Each time I "recognize" someone, I smile. I feel as though they are old friends that I've run into at the store.

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