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August 28, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week I canned 5 pints of apples, 7 quarts of apple pie filling, and dehydrated all the peppers. I think that's pretty good considering I had a tooth pulled and spent several days recovering from that.

Three quarts of the apple pie filling did not seal. I've never had more than one jar out of a canner load fail before. I used new lids, and they were different brands (I've heard that people have had problems with one brand of lids this year). I should have reprocessed them in the canner, but since I wasn't feeling well I did the quickest and easiest thing instead: I put the contents into quart size freezer bags and put them in the freezer. I'm trying to get food out of the freezer, not add to it. I guess we'll be having apple pie soon; they won't go to waste.

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