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August 17, 2009

Stinky Bucks

This year my senior buck is a year old. I think it's kind of funny that he is my "senior buck", but the "junior buck" is just 9 months old, so technically the yearling IS my senior buck.

Last year, when my senior buck was just a young whippersnapper, he managed to spend a day with our one and only doeling, who was his same age, and we had an unwed teenage mother this spring, so to speak. I do NOT want this year's doelings bred, so I moved the two bucks into the bigger goat pen with the three dry does, so that there are two fences between the bucks and the doelings.

The bucks are both in rut now. I had planned to take them both to the county fair, but I've decided that taking stinky bucks to a fair is probably not the best idea. I'm thinking that it wouldn't make the best impression on the public - I'd never get that smell out of them, no matter how many baths I gave them, not to mention the possibility that someone else's nice doe might get bred accidently. No... my bucks can stay home.

The senior buck, Honor, has suddenly grown up - he's taller, he's heavier, and his neck has become very thick. He makes very strange noises. He stinks to high heaven. If you've ever been around a buck goat, you'll know the meaning of "stinky old goat". If you haven't, you just can't imagine the smell, which seems to get worse each year as the buck gets older. The smell sticks to your clothes, and it's not enough to throw those clothes in the laundry hamper and wear a clean set of clothes each time you go outside, because the whole closet room smells from the clothes in the hamper. In other words, I'm doing lots of laundry right now.

Here is a photo of Honor from last summer - he's the red and white kid in front.

The second photo was taken this morning. Yep, he's grown up a bit. Stinky old goat!


  1. Im soooo glad our buck lives at your house..esp after reading this LOLOL!

  2. Thank you - he is a nice-looking buck. Now if he'd just stop rubbing up against me when I feed him. Eeeeeuw.
    Kathi @ Oak Hill


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