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August 31, 2009

Winter is Coming

Our local weatherman recently gave his prediction for our upcoming winter. He predicts:
- warm autumn
- cold November
- mild December
- a wet winter
I hope that the "wet winter" means rain and snow instead of ice storms! This autumn's weather will be affected by an El Nino weather pattern.

It's interesting how winter is always foremost in our minds. During the season, we are just trying to get through it; as soon as it's over we start preparing for the next one.

I do see autumn arriving early this year. We've had a wonderful week of early fall-like weather, which was absolutely delightful. My buck goats began the rutting season several weeks earlier than usual, and we will probably have January kids - last spring's kids were born in late February/early March. The plants are saying that fall is on the way.

On the other hand, the horses and goats are still slick and shiny, with no hint of winter coats coming in. I always clip the goats before our county fair, which is a week later than usual this year. Normally they have begun to grow longer coats by now, but so far they are still short-haired. The early breeding season hints at an early fall and mild winter, and the lack of winter coats on the animals also points to mild temperatures.

It takes a lifetime of observation to be able to predict the weather, I think. We've been here five years now, and I am slowly learning the subtle day-to-day and year-to-year differences here on our hilltop, but I am nowhere near an expert. The next time I see my neighbor outside, I think I'll ask his opinion of our upcoming weather - he's lived on his family's property all his life, and I value his opinion.

What signs of winter are you seeing?

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  1. We have no signs of winter yet, here in Northern California. The days are just as warm, though evenings are getting cooler. Sure signs of Autumn, but no winter yet!


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