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September 30, 2009

Change of Seasons

Autumn is here. The differences are subtle but I can feel the world changing even though I can't see it. The air is different; even though the afternoon might get nearly as hot as before, the mornings are definately chilly. There is a different scent to the air that's hard to describe.

The trees haven't begun to change color, at least not noticeably, but the winged elm trees have lost a high percentage of their leaves, and the sumac bushes are beginning to turn red. The mimosa tree is heavy with seed pods.

The current wildflowers are yellow: the sneeze weed is still blooming, as well as broomweed and goldenrod.

The pokeweed is heavy with purple berries. Often one of the horses will have a purple streak, where he stuck his head against a cluster of berries while searching for the best blades of grass. I believe poke berries were once used to make ink.

Spiders are spinning their giant webs at night, and the mud dauber wasps are busy at work.

There is still grass in the pasture, but the horses are frantic about hay right now, even eating out of the goats' fenceline feeder.

There are so many things that need to be done before the onset of cold weather. I'm very slowly chipping away at the checklist.

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