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September 4, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

We've had such cool weather this week. I wish it were in the 70's all summer long. I guess I do miss southern California after all - at least the weather.

This week:

-- My grape tomato plants are producing like crazy all of a sudden. I've been picking red tomatoes every day this week, and the next day there are more to pick. The excess are put on the dehydrator trays when I'm drying something else.

-- Some time ago I'd bought a 3-pack of flexible cutting sheets at WalMart. I really don't need all 3, and I do need another fruit leather liner for my dehydrator, so I used the liner I have as a pattern and cut one of the flexible cutting sheets to shape. It's working great.

-- Dehydrated onions, jalapeno peppers, grape tomato halves, and corn that was left over from dinner. Usually leftover veggies sit in the refrigerator for a few days and are then fed to the chickens; I hope this will give us an alternate way to keep leftovers for another day.

-- We are getting ready for the county fair, which is next week.

-- Wednesday evening the sun was deep orange when it set. Our weatherman said it was caused by smoke from the wildfire in California, which had blown from California, over Nevada, to Utah, and then southeast to Oklahoma. Amazing!

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