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September 11, 2009

Friday Follow-up

This week:

-- Our local big box store has marked the leftover school supplies way, way down, so I picked up a white board for a great price. It's magnetic, and it sticks to the barn wall. I stuck it on the wall in the feed area, and wrote the amounts that each horse gets fed. I want one for the goat barn too (our converted carport) so I can keep track of heat cycles, worming dates, breeding dates and so on.

-- Dh installed a solar light inside the barn.

-- We've been extremely busy this week getting goats, the horse, and projects ready for the fair, as well as painting the inside of the 4-H building with our club, and decorating the building with the teen leaders group. Everything else has been pretty much put on hold, but I have had time to think while painting and have prioritized my To Do list for next week.

-- This week I've had several occasions where I thought, "I should tell Dad about this, he'd enjoy hearing about it." Then it hits me that he's no longer with us. I guess I'm still adjusting.

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