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September 25, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week brought the first day of fall, which is my favorite season. Fall is a busy season though with many things that must be completed before winter arrives.

-- The garden has kicked into overdrive with the cooler weather. The pepper plants that hardly produced at all over the summer are now full of baby peppers. I hope they will have time to ripen before our first frost, which is normally around the end of October.

The bigger tomatoes are finally producing and ripening. The first half of summer brought lots and lots of grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, but few larger ones.

I'm trying to decide which tomato plants I want to "clone" for the winter. I plan to take cuttings of a slicing tomato as well as a cherry tomato plant, and root them indoors, hoping to keep them alive over the winter and plant them in the garden next spring as soon as the weather is warm enough. The keyword is "hope" - I hope there is enough light and they won't get too leggy or too large for the house.

-- Our pond is full with all the rain we had this past week! We've surpassed our average annual rainfall.

-- One of my "servant girls" had to be replaced this week: our washing machine quit working and spewed gallons of water on the floor. Thank the Lord we were home when it happened. The old washer served us well; we bought it five years ago and set it up outside the camping trailer we lived in when we first moved here.

-- I've been working on the "spare room" (our son moved out a month or so ago) so it won't be just a junk room full of boxes and things we don't really want anymore but don't know what to do with them. How much is a square foot worth in your house (divide the purchase price by the number of square feet in your home)? It's too expensive in my mind to waste an entire (though small) room by filling it haphazardly with boxes and bins and "stuff". Although we need the storage space, I want to organize it neatly and still have some usable space as well. In other words, *I Have A Plan* and am working on it....

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