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September 9, 2009

Preparing for the County Fair

Yesterday I clipped the milk goats, and today I will clip the three doelings that are going to the fair. K and I will also clip her horse today - we hope; we have no idea how he will react to clippers, so it might end up being a scissor job instead. Fortunately his feet have no "feathers"; we'll be concentrating on his bridle path and his lower jawline. We have handy-dandy little disposable horse razors that we'll use on his muzzle.

I'll also be assembling all the items that the goats will need while they are away from home - buckets, feed, hay, hoof trimmers, collars and leashes, various shampoos and brushes, shavings for their stalls, and so on. Then there are the people items: chairs, camera, the little cooler for drinks and snacks. K is in charge of the horsey items. I need to repair the big hole in the haynet, and wash the extremely dusty chairs before I pack them in the back of the truck (although if I forget, I guess I can wash them at the fairgrounds in the livestock wash area).

AND we'll be matting and mounting our photographs tonight and gathering other items that we will enter in the various county fair categories for judging.

Tomorrow will be the big day: taking 7 goats and a horse, plus fair projects, to the fairgrounds in one trip (two vehicles plus horse trailer). For the next three days I will be run ragged, trying to be in several different places and doing five jobs at once:
1. person who is showing goats
2. mother of person who is showing goats
3. mother of person who is showing a horse in the horse show
4. leader of 4-H club putting on the horse show
5. leader of 4-H club holding a Children's Zoo at the fair (this is the 3rd year our club has provided this field trip opportunity for local schools and preschools)
At this point I always ask myself "why am I doing this?", but the answer is that it's fun, and it's only one week out of the year. But I'm also always glad when it's over. At least this year I'm not ALSO putting on a soapmaking demonstration. Whew!

Monday I'll have pictures and the results of the fair - see you then!

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