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September 23, 2009

Solar Light

While I would love to have a solar home, we aren't anywhere near that wish/dream/goal. However, we recently took a first step. Our barn is far from the electric pole. We feed the horses inside the barn, which has worked well during the summer, but with fall approaching, it is getting dark earlier. My husband bought a Westinghouse "solar powered utility light" from Sam's Club and installed it with my help - ahem - I did hold the ladder and hand him drill bits and screws and stuff, so I can say I helped, right?

The description said "ideal for remote areas where there is no electricity." Perfect for our situation. The installation was simple, and if I were of a mind to climb a ladder (which I am NOT), I probably could have figured it out myself, but dh is much better at such things than I am.

First, he drilled a hole through the metal barn wall, up high. The hole had to be large enough for the "plug" thing on the end of the wire to go through. Next, he put the light up on the wall using the included screws. Thirdly, he put up the solar panel on the outside of the barn, on the south wall, and threaded the wire through the hole, plugging it into the other wire on the light itself. Viola! Done! The cord is quite long, so we just wound it up around the light fixture.

The kit included a remote control for the light, which is very handy since we put the light up high so the horses couldn't scratch themselves on it or something. The remote has a holder so that it won't get lost, as long as we remember to always put it back in the holder. (So far, so good!)

It is really nice to have light inside the barn, and it will come in very handy this winter when the afternoons are short and evening comes early.

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