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October 2, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

-- I've continued to clean out the spare room and I'm nearly finished.

-- I've also spent a lot of time helping my husband work on the roof of our soon-to-be-enclosed back deck. I held the ladder and handed him tools, screws and nails. (I don't do ladders, I am terrified of heights!) With this new space (a mudroom) and the spare room, we will have storage for the items we need but don't have a "home" for, such as the vacuum cleaner and winter coats, my canners and canning jars.

-- More apples and tomatoes preserved. I experimented with dehydrating apples: I cut them in thin slices and dipped in sugar and cinnamon, then dried them. One apple just about filled a tray in the dehydrator. They are yummy as snacks.

-- Began working on the holiday line of soaps.

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