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October 23, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Fixed the hole in the chicken run; they kept sneaking out!

-- Since we are expecting low nighttime temperatures this weekend, I picked all the tomatoes and peppers, moved the containers out, and let the goats into the fenced garden to "weed". The gardening season is officially over for me.

-- We visited a nice couple from whom we bought hay. They had a penful of young buff orpington pullets, which I found beautiful because I am partial to buffs. I enjoyed looking at their chicken coop and run. The birds' doors had metal grates above them on the outside; the grates swing down to serve as doors. Mine has a wooden door that swings down on the inside. I think I like the metal grate idea as a summer door and will try to find something that will work. They looked like oven racks or small refrigerator racks. Their coop building was split in two inside, with two chicken-size doors to the outside pens, one of which was small and the other was more a "yard" with a smallish tree in the middle. The pens were fenced with cattle panels lined with chicken wire, and no top.

-- I simmered some of the frozen apple peels/cores, and froze the juice. I'll use it to make jelly, but for now, the bags of juice take up less room in the freezer than the bags of peels and cores.

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