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October 30, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

-- I've spent time helping dh work on the addition. I helped K work with her horses. Basically I did a lot of fetch-and-carry and pick-up-after-others-type work this week.

-- Made apple juice from the bags of frozen peels and cores. I am trying to clean out the freezer, so used the frozen peels/cores to make juice, and will can the juice so it can be stored on a shelf instead of in the freezer.

-- While looking for the bags of apple peels and cores, I cleaned out a bit of the freezer. I found some freezer-burned meat that fed the dogs over several days.

-- While cleaning that part of the freezer, I also realized that although I processed several pumpkins last fall, we haven't had many pumpkin pies this year. It's time to remedy that.

~ Nothing like being side-tracked, right? Note that while
looking for all the bags of apple peels and cores in the freezer,
I did a few other things while I was there! ~

-- We were blessed: a friend baled her hay before frost (it was iffy with all the rain and mud whether or not she would get it done in time!) and delivered a large amount to us. We spent a day unloading her trailer and stacking it under cover. It began raining again a few hours later, so it was excellent timing.

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