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October 21, 2009

Getting Ready for Winter

I have much to do before the cold weather gets here.
This is just the beginning of my list:
- empty garden containers and put away
- fix chicken coop door (the screen door has been on it all summer)
- deep clean the goat stalls
- fix the goat shed door so it will latch (it too has been open all summer)
- I'd like to change the hinge side on the bucks' shed door so it opens in the opposite direction. Right now it would funnel the cold north wind right into the shed; changed, it would add a windbreak area. This will be the bucks' first winter in this pen.
- Wrap the bottom of the duck/goose gazebo in plastic so they'll have more of a windbreak
Hopefully dh will reshingle the goat shed; about a quarter of the shingles blew off in a summer storm and it leaks when it rains.

Dh takes care of the mechanical things and cars, and any winterizing that needs to be done in the house.

What does your Winterizing To-Do list look like?

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