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November 23, 2009

Conquered Fear

Even after taking a canning class through the county extension agency a few months ago, I was afraid of trying to use my pressure canner. I admit it, I was afraid of blowing it up.

After cleaning out our upright freezer to make room for the lamb we butchered over the weekend, I had 3 quarts of frozen turkey stock and 2.5 quarts of frozen chicken stock to either put back in the freezer, or can. I really wanted to can it in the first place, but I "chickened out" and froze it instead. I finally got up the courage to give it a try.

I didn't blow up the canner, or the house. All went as it should. The pressure was higher than necessary for most of the time it takes to can poultry broth, but I'm told that's ok, it just can't go below the recommended pressure. My canner worked great.

When I opened the canner to remove the jars, one jar of turkey stock had broken. I think this was probably the jar that I'd dropped in the sink a few days prior while washing it; it didn't break that day but probably had stress fractures that I couldn't see. I've had more failures than usual this year (2 jars have broken and lids not sealing) but I've also done more than triple the amount of canning than I've done in years past.

So... I have 2 quarts of turkey stock and 2 quarts and a pint of chicken stock. And it WON'T go back in the freezer!

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  1. Great! I was always terrified of the pressure canner too. Once you do it the first time it keeps getting easier. Soon it will be second nature.


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