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November 25, 2009

Field Trip

We are fortunate to live near the sites of several BIG registry horse shows. Recently we visited the AQHA World Show in Oklahoma City. (We aren't taking horses to these shows, we go to look at the horses and to shop.)

When we went two years ago, there was one large building holding the trade show; this year there were two exhibit halls full of horsey merchandise. A great deal of it is high-end saddles and show clothing, plus beautiful western-style furniture and multi-horse trailers complete with living quarters and price tags to match.

I did eventually find what I was looking for: a certain vendor who carried a full range of equine necessities at a very good price. I found most of the things on my shopping list. No shipping costs to pay, so it's worth going to this once-a-year show for things that we don't need immediately. Besides, it's just fun to go.

We enjoyed browsing through the many booths and displays that made up the trade show, and visiting with the friends who went with us.

Afterwards we wandered through the barns and looked at the decorated stalls, such as the one below - they are all quite amazing - watched a bit of the horse consignment auction, and some of the action in the practice ring. It was an enjoyable but long day.

Here's what the well-dressed horse is wearing this winter.

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