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November 13, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Trimmed the milkers' hooves. I usually make sure they are done before or shortly after breeding. A couple of the does are due in January so it was essential to get their feet trimmed; I don't like to do it in late pregnancy. They stand very well for hoof trimming, so we did not have to struggle at all, but it's still best to do it early.

-- I had help this week from a young 4-H member who is interested in goats. She's come over twice to help out. We weight-taped this year's kids, wormed all the goats, and cleaned stalls. I'm really pleased at the growth rate of our doelings this year.

It was really nice to have another pair of hands to help hold the syringes and wormers, hang onto the goats, squirt wormer into their mouths, and keep records. Dove spit the wormer back out, right onto my face, but at least it missed my mouth and my eyes. ~smile~

-- Made apple jelly from the juice I made recently - six and a half half-pints of jelly canned. I used the pink juice and the jelly is so pretty. I also canned the other two quarts (4 pints) of apple juice to make into jelly or something later.

And now the non-productive things I've done...

-- K's horse was inside the goat pen two mornings this week! The first morning, when I let him out, the goats also got out. I caught them and put them back one at a time; I had to catch Wish three times because she kept getting back out again.

-- Fixed the fence so the horse can't get back in the goat pen again, I hope. (Well, ok, that was productive.)

-- Two of the goats got their heads stuck in one hole of the hay feeder. I finally gave up and asked Dh to use the bolt cutter to get them loose again. We need a new bolt cutter; I'm simply not strong enough to use the one we have, and it's also beginning to rust from the humidity.

-- One of our outside dogs keeps going through the fence and chasing cars on the road. On Wednesday I had to chase him down twice to get him back home. I'm at my wit's end with this dog. I think Great Pyrenees are hard-wired to chase cars; we lost their mother and father both on our road last year and I really don't want to have it happen again. Any ideas, anyone?


  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    TY for the photo of jelly jars.
    Sounds like another exciting week on OHH. Nan

  2. Sorry I'm not sure what to do, Our neighbors pyrenees do the same thing. I get mad at them because I'm afraid I[m going to hit them so one time I laid on the horn and "chased" THEM and they ran like the wind. That stopped them for awhile, and another I accidently sprayed them with mud when going up the hill and they ran away so I used that "technique" on them when it's muddy and they don't follow.

  3. Nan, thank you again for the box of your mother's jelly jars!

  4. Thank you, Christie. I know they are "protecting" by chasing cars, and it's a reinforcing behavior because the car goes away when they chase it...


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