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November 4, 2009

Late Night Feeding

Last night we had a 4-H meeting at 5:00, so we fed the horses before we left home, and planned to feed the goats when we came back. Because of the time change, the sun had set long before we got home at 7:00 pm.

(By the way, my personal feeling is that we should go on Daylight Savings Time and stay there all year, permanently!)

We ate dinner first, then I went out the front door to feed the dogs in the pitch-black dark, back in the house and out the back door to feed the goats. I took the high-powered flashlight with me, which is extremely heavy and awkward to carry. I turned on the light in the goat barn and turned off the flashlight. Carrying a large armload of hay, I didn't have enough hands to carry the flashlight so I thought I'd walk over to the hay feeder in the dark.

But it wasn't dark anymore. The full moon was rising behind the leafless walnut trees, and it lit up the barnyard with a soft white light that made everything visible as day. The shadows of the tree branches laced the ground. The white markings on the goats made each one identifiable. I could even see the grey horse way down in the pasture, his coat glowing in the moonlight.

What started out as "I wish I'd fed them before I left" turned into "it's sure pretty out here tonight". The stars lit up the sky and the quiet became loud. I slowed down and enjoyed my chores. If I had gone outside any earlier, the moon would not have been high enough in the sky and I would have missed this magical time.

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  1. Nothing feels as good to me as the sounds and sights of my farm getting ready for bed. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.


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