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December 11, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

- One of our horses had an impaction colic this week. We took her to the vet who dosed her with a gallon of mineral oil. Fortunately she passed the oil and the blockage sometime during the night. All seems to be well now.

- I pressure canned some leftover Herbed White Bean Soup, as well as some lamb stew and some turkey broth.

- My third attempt to make vinegar was successful! I have two cute bottles of plum vinegar. The story and pictures will be posted soon.

- We experienced our first taste of winter weather, and it was a rude awakening after the mild November we were blessed with. After doing some research and asking around, we bought a water trough heater for the horses. I can "dip and pour" into other buckets for the goats and chickens. I'm sure all of the animals, including the cats and dogs, will appreciate having warm water to drink.

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