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January 8, 2010

Friday Follow-up

This week...

We were warned in advance about the cold snap now upon us, so this week was spent in preparation. I checked on the shelter for the ducks/goose, made sure the dogs could get into the garage and a few other nooks/crannies if they wished, hung heat lamps for the goats that are ready to kid, began closing the buck in his little shed at night (which he really hates), fixed the door latch on the goat shed, and with dh took extra feed/hay down to the barn for the horses. We put out a protein tub for the horses.

One day and two nights of the cold snap have gone by... today... then two more nights and another day before it gets warm again.

Water is the worst part. We break the ice on the troughs several times a day. I haul jugs of hot water to the goats for their buckets, and for the cats' water bowl. Chores take much longer than usual when you have to haul water from the house, two jugs at a time.

When I finished feeding last night, the cats were trying to pile up on top of one another next to the hay bales under a tarp. Everyone wanted to be in the middle of the pile.

Warm meals were fixed for the humans, to warm up their insides after being out in the cold: chili, soups, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot cocoa. I'll be looking for good insulated gloves on sale to replace mine when they are worn out, and a scarf.

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