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January 15, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I'm milking twice a day. Faith has been outstanding on the milkstand. I wrote about Faith's kid here. I dried off my older milkers just four weeks ago, so at least we had a short "dry season".

-- Treasure kidded on Thursday with a single buckling. She too is a first freshener and hasn't been thrilled with letting him nurse. I've been milking her (she's not as good as Faith is!) and bottling the baby, but today I will interfere a bit more and hopefully convince her that she must feed the baby.

-- We had to buy more hay. The extreme cold meant we went through our hay much quicker than we'd anticipated. We bought from two different places. Some came from a man from whom we've bought hay before; he said he could save more for us if we wished, since we can only haul so much at a time. We took him up on his offer and picked up that load yesterday. He also gave us two dozen eggs from his lovely buff orpington hens. The rest of the hay came from friends on Wednesday.

-- Seed catalogs have appeared in the mailbox! We are moving the garden this year, but have not decided where it will go; just that it must be moved. When we fenced in the garden several years ago, we didn't realize that we'd be hauling a horse trailer so often and need that edge of the yard as turn-around space. So I'm assessing other locations, but have not yet found the ideal spot. It must be sunny, far enough away from the horses' pasture fence that they cannot reach over and munch plants, within reach of the hose, and close enough that it won't be a case of "out of sight, out of mind". I'd like to already be spreading compost on the new site, especially while the weather is so nice and mild like it is this week, but ...

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