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February 5, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

Over the past two weeks (because we didn't have power last Friday so I couldn't post):

-- We replaced the sheep shed with a similar garden-type shed.

-- Cleaned out the front of the old garage building and moved our hay and the milkstand in there. I'm once again milking under a roof, and actually it's even a better space than what I had before, although it's a much longer walk from the goat pen to the milkstand.

-- We threw up some quick A-frame plywood shelters for the goats that had been in the "old barn" that is now roofless.

-- Spent a day staging hay, feed and water in preparation for the predicted winter storm.

-- The power company replaced a utility pole on our place that snapped in the storm that claimed the "barn" roof. What a blessing - their trucks flattened and widened the "road" that goes down the hill from our house to the horse barn. The road was just muddy enough for them to do this, and not too muddy that they got stuck - perfect! Plus we didn't have to worry about that pole in the ice storm.

-- Started planning the new goat barn that will hopefully go up this summer. We talked to a dozer company about removing the old garage, the old goat shed, the old roofless "barn", and a couple of trees. We also realized that we'll have to make some temporary housing arrangements for the goats while the old is being torn down and the new is being built, which is why we are planning for summer.

-- Began reading seed catalogs and planning the spring garden.

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