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January 27, 2010

Moon Rings, Sun Dogs, and Winter Storms

Last night while I was outside in the dark I noticed a ring of cloud around the moon. I remembered an old wives' tale my father told me long ago, that if there are stars inside the ring, it will rain in that number of days. There were four stars. Since today is Tuesday, that would be Friday or Saturday. We are expecting a big storm* on Thursday and Friday. The timing doesn't quite fit, but it's close.

The next time I looked up at the moon, there was a jet trail dissecting the ring. A few minutes later, it had blown out of the ring.

Earlier in the afternoon yesterday, on our way home from town (we'd gone to a local restaurant to celebrate my birthday), our daughter spotted a sun dog in the western sky.

* Tomorrow and Friday we are supposed to be hit by a vicious winter storm: ice topped by many inches of snow. The weatherman is predicting enough ice to bring down power lines. We are thankful the power company replaced a precarious pole on our place last week. Today's weather is nice, so I'll be getting ready. Some of my preps today include:

- moving the couple of goats that are still in the roofless barn under tarps into our horse trailer for the duration of the storm. It's enclosed, so they will be dry.
- fill water jugs
- fill the bins in the horse barn with feed
- make bread
- cook ahead so food just needs to be warmed up
- do laundry
- make sure we have enough batteries, and ready the radio, candles, matches, flashlights, gloves and hats, etc. I had a headlamp but have lost it, so I might go buy another today. They are great to use while doing chores in the dark.
- charge cell phones

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

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