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January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We had a noisy storm roll through last night. Hail, high wind, thunder and lightning woke us up and kept us awake and worrying, but it did finally end.

This morning's light showed us that the roof was gone on the old "barn", which was an old homemade, wooden carport that we'd enclosed and were using to house some of our goats and our hay. Later in the morning we also found that the garden shed in the sheep pen is now mangled and upside-down in the farm pond. (Can you just imagine being a sheep in that shed and having it take off into the sky? Or a goat when the roof peeled off?)

But all of the animals are fine. Treasure and her 6-day-old kid went back into the lean-to attached to the "barn" and stayed perfectly dry; the others were wet but ok. There were puddles of hail in the shade this morning.

So, today I am thankful that:

- the goats and sheep are ok
- the relocated roof seems to be stable up there in that tree
- the hay under the top layer of bales seems to be dry and ok
- the flying roof missed the powerlines
- the house, new barn, and the run-in shed were untouched
- our ISP is up again; the tower was hit by lightning last night

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