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January 11, 2010

Warmer Weather

I am so thankful that the cold spell has ended. It should be in the 40's today.

Faith was due to kid on Friday. I watched her all week and hoped that she would wait till Sunday afternoon when it was supposed to be warmer, but she kidded Sunday morning while it was still extremely cold, the coldest night we'd had all winter. I found her little doe kid dead on one of my routine checks. She was clean and dry on both sides, so she was born alive and must have stood up. I know she didn't nurse though; it was very difficult for me to get Faith's colostrum started when I put her on the milkstand. I wonder if Faith layed on the kid? Or was it just too cold for a baby that didn't get warm milk in her tummy?

I hadn't been looking forward to milking Faith because she has always been my "wild child", but she has been very good on the milkstand.

You just don't have history with first fresheners, and sometimes it works against you. Next time, I'll know that her udder needs to be stripped before she kids, and that she can have her babies very quickly.

In spite of the tragedy, I am thankful that Faith had her kid with no problem, that she's much better on the milkstand than I'd expected, and that we again have milk.

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