Convenience Foods - Veggies & Herbs

Here are some ways to prepare veggies ahead, whether you pick them from the garden or buy them at the farmers market or grocery store:

- clean celery and stand the stalks in a pitcher of water in the fridge, or cut into snack-size lengths. You can put the trimmed off ends and leaves into the dehydrator or the soup-stock bag in the freezer.

- peel carrots and cut into coins or carrot sticks, then store in water in the fridge

- wash and dry salad greens

- cut peppers into strips for stir-fries, or chop to include in other recipes

- chop onions. You might want to double-bag them to reduce the odor in the refrigerator, or store the bag in the freezer.

- prepare your herbs ahead of time

However, you don't want to prepare these ahead of time:

- mushrooms (other than wiping them clean; do not slice)

- potatoes (cutting potatoes ahead of time will turn them black)

- tomatoes should be stored at room temperature. Cut them just before eating.

If you grow your own vegetables (definitely recommended!), spend one day prepping the ones you plan to use during the week.

Instead of buying bags of washed greens and frozen cut vegetables, do it yourself and save money.

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