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February 12, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- More snow! The cold, the snow, and the mud are beginning to wear on people.

-- Disbudded our buckling goat kid. A friend of mine does it for us; I hold the kid but she wields the iron.

-- Had our in-the-house kitten spayed. (I thought we were safe until spring, but evidently becoming a house cat during the Christmas blizzard shocked her body into thinking it IS spring!)

-- Made chicken stock, which is reducing today, and will be pressure-canned in quart jars. I found a "stash" of canning jars that I had forgotten I had. I have an excess of quart jars and not as many pint jars as I'd like to have, but chicken stock is a good thing to can in quarts for use in soups and other dishes.

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