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February 26, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Canned three quarts plus a pint of chicken stock and three pints of turkey stock that I made last week.

-- We had a dozer guy come out to give us an estimate for taking down the garage, four trees, and the blown-off roof that's hanging in two of the trees. He said it is doable and he should be here in about a month with his dozer; in the meantime we need to move all of our "treasures" out of those buildings, including the garage's brick floor that we want to save. When that's done, the company that put up our horse barn last summer will come put up another barn for us, this time for the goats! I am so excited about this!

-- We nearly finished cleaning out the garage; we moved the things we want to keep into another outbuilding.

-- Five goats are due to kid. I've been checking on them several times a day, last thing at night and at first light.

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