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March 17, 2010

Cleaning Up

A January storm took the roof off the old outbuilding that I've been using as a goat barn, and hung it in a tree. The only solution we could think of was to hire a bulldozer to take out the tree, and hope that the roof would fall at the same time. And since the dozer would be here anyway, we asked them to also knock down the old dilapidated garage and take out another tree, or more specifically, a half tree, which we knew would fall sooner or later.

So for several weeks we've been pulling up the brick floor in the garage, and a friend removed the tin from the roof to use at his place.

Yesterday morning the dozer was fired up and began its work.

Taking down the garage:

Getting the roof down:

We are amazed at how big our yard is without the old buildings. Plans are in the works for a new barn.

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