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April 30, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

-- Friday our refrigerator died. I moved frozen items to one of the freezers, and everything else to coolers, and we made a quick trip to Lowes since they deliver the next day AND take away the old one. Basically, that took two days of my life: one to empty it out and shop, and the next day while we waited for the delivery and then put everything back in.

-- Our injured horse is finally improving a bit, five weeks after he cut his leg and hoof. He's still limping, but is putting his hoof nearly flat on the ground like he should. I'm soaking his foot in warm water and Epsom salts twice a day, and he is cooperating very well: picks up his foot so I can put it in the bucket, and picks it up when he's ready for me to take the bucket away. I'm finally hopeful that eventually he will be ok, with time.

-- In spite of everyone telling me that our one little ewe lamb would get as wild as the rest of the flock, I am happy to say that she is still friendly. Twice a day when I feed the four sheep and Mary the lamb, I make a point of touching her: petting her, picking up her feet, rubbing her tummy and her ears. I do know that without contact she would become flighty very quickly.

-- This week I've been trimming goat hooves. As soon as I have help catching the sheep I will trim theirs too; they need it done badly.

-- There are so many developing fruits on the trees this year. Barring any problems (windstorms or not enough rain, etc.) we should have a great harvest, the largest we've had so far. The trees are still young, but are finally reaching the point where they are producing well.

-- I mulched around the trunks of the fruit trees, using goat manure/hay/shavings so that it will fertilize them too.

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