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April 19, 2010

Thinking Twice...

This guy is on the "to go" list!
He's butted me a couple of times behind the knees.
Not hard, but still...

The other morning as I began stepping over the fence
into their pen to feed them
(it's so much closer to go over the fence
than to go around to their gate!)
he had a malevolent look in his eyes
that gave me pause...

There are a few moments as I go over
the fence that I'd consider myself rather vulnerable.

I decided to go around to the gate.

I walked towards their bowls to pour the grain in,
and he caught me on the back of the knee. Again.
We had a little altercation; I was armed
with the old enameled cooking pot that I use
as one of their feeders.

I stared him down.
I think I won.
He left me alone while I finished the chores.

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