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May 31, 2010


I've posted a few times about canning blackberry lemonade concentrate. You can find the recipe and directions here. The original recipe was for strawberry lemonade, and it was very good, but I can't find reasonably priced strawberries here in Oklahoma. I do however have blackberries that are free for the picking!

I've used raspberries too. I think that flavor is my favorite, but again, I have to buy raspberries. All my efforts to grow them have been futile.

Today I opened a precious jar of blackberry lemonade concentrate, and instead of mixing it with water, I used 7-Up. It's amazing! I used one pint of 7-Up to one pint of the lemonade concentrate.

It reminds me of Sonic's new "sparkling strawberry lemonade" - I zipped through their drive-through last week to order one after seeing it on a signboard, and when the carhop brought it to my car she called it "Sprite with strawberry and lemon". Hmm.

When I strained the concentrate, I put the blackberries in a Ziploc bag and into the freezer. Remember that tri-berry jam I made a few weeks ago? The strawberries I used had originally been canned in strawberry lemonade concentrate, and were frozen after I made the lemonade. The jam recipe did not call for added lemon juice, but it tastes perfect.

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