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May 7, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

Made chicken stock with all the odds and ends in the freezer. When the old one died it was a perfect opportunity to gather up ALL those Ziploc bags of bones and onion skins, carrots peels and celery leaves. It made 4 quarts plus 1 pint, now pressure-canned and on my shelves.

Finished trimming goat hooves on all except the yearlings.

I finally got tired of the yearling goats getting out several times a day. They are now in another pen, smaller but with a much better fence. The pen's original occupants are still in there though; I just opened the gate when the yearlings were loose and let them join the goats inside. I plan to move the others out of there today. I moved three does and two doelings into the pen the yearlings had been in; milking went just fine last night in spite of the change in locations. I spent an hour "beefing up" the fence and hope that the new occupants aren't interested in breaking out.

Found two new kittens in the new barn and wasn't sure who the mother is, then found two more in a shed. After watching for a day, I'm pretty sure their mother is Bonita, but I don't think she is nursing any of them. I moved the two in the barn into the shed with the other two. They will either survive or they won't, but that's the best I can do. I have never been able to raise newborn kittens - believe me, I've tried many times. Emotionally I cannot try again.

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