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May 21, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

We finally built the first stall in the horse barn. Look for a post on this soon.

A new-to-us farrier came one evening and trimmed the hooves of all of our horses. Friends of ours brought their horse over to be done as well. It is a relief to have that taken care of again, and to have the horses back on a hoof-trimming schedule. He told us that our injured horse should be fine, as long as we don't expect him to be a barrel racer. He should handle trail riding and showing just fine. That is such good news. His limp is nearly gone. I am so thankful for his recovery.

I'm glad that I hadn't yet planted the tomato seedlings out. They would have been pounded by all the heavy rain we've had this week. They do need to be planted soon; I might lose a few before they get in the ground, unfortunately.

My husband extended the pen for his alpacas so that they will have more shade during the upcoming summer days.

Infused olive oil with yarrow, the same oil that I'd already infused with chickweed. This will be used in herbal soap.

Will we have blackberries this summer? We had a lot of rain while they were in bloom. I hope there will be a crop; I love blackberries. I have one quart left in the freezer from last year, and a couple of half-pint jars in the cupboard.

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