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May 28, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

Another three weeks has gone by, so the goat kids were given their cocci preventative (0.5 cc orally of Di-Methox 40%). That's always an interesting rodeo-type event.

We made two trips to the vet: a sick cat, and a horse for her annual shots.

I checked my favorite sand plum thicket, but it looks like there are very few fruits on the bushes. I guess the late freeze took a toll.

And I was so thankful to look out over the hayfield one morning and realize that the blackberries are blooming now, not the week before when we had so much rain! The "crop" is so much heavier when they bloom during dry weather, and this week has been perfect!

Summer is here - the local schools are out, and it is HOT outside. I'm shifting my morning chore time so I can finish before it gets too uncomfortable outside. I enjoy getting a great deal of work done inside the house first thing in the morning, but need to tweak my routine for a season.

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