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May 17, 2010


We've had such awful weather this year; it just makes one wonder what is still in store for us. I hate to think of that.

So far, we've had blizzards, straight line winds that took the roof off the old barn/shed, record-breaking snow amounts, an ice storm and days-long power outage, record-breaking rainfall, a tornado in our nearby town, and now hail.

Sunday's hailstorm came through Oklahoma City, where it hit our son's apartment complex. He sent me a few photos...

His windows face a different direction so are fine, and though he has hail-shaped dents in the top of his car, the glass is intact.

We watched the track of the storm and as it came in our direction we decided to be proactive. My husband moved the tractor over and put K's car in the barn. He put cardboard over the windshield of the truck and a tarp over that. I put the loose yearling goat back in her pen, and let the cats into a shed. Everything else looked ok.

I hoped that the fruit trees would not be hit hard.

I watched the storm front go past to the south of us, over the ridge. These photos don't really show it well.

I love being able to watch storms from our hilltop.

We were on the edge of the storm. We had some rain and some dime-size and pea-size hail, but nothing like what this storm dumped in Oklahoma City. I'm ready for some calm weather, but rain is predicted every day this week, so I'll be wading through mud for awhile yet.

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