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June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

Today is the first day of summer, and the longest day of the year. Since it's been really hot and humid for several weeks, it is almost shocking to realize that this is the Official First Day of the season. I guess it will just get hotter from here on. I am expecting that we will break a record or two, temperature-wise.

I do love the long evening hours of daylight though. My suggestion to Congress is that we stay on Daylight Savings Time all year long.

I've been going out early to get the chores done before it is unbearably hot, and waiting until 8:00 pm to do the evening chores. I'm still milking at 10:00 pm, when it has cooled down and the night creatures are singing and whirring. The milkers give me fewer hassles about going back in their pen when they are finished too. Either they can't see the tempting weeds right over there, or they are afraid the coyotes might get them, or they're ready to lay down and sleep with the rest of the goat herd. The dogs keep me company and I know that they won't let anything dangerous come close without warning me. The worst thing about working in the dark are the bugs that are attracted to my lantern. I've swallowed a few. ("There was an old lady who swallowed a fly...." The really scary part about that song is that the only animal mentioned that I don't have is a cow.)

Saturday when I went out to feed, one of the horses was in the hayfield instead of in the pasture. I still haven't figured out where he went over/through the fence, but fortunately he seems to have forgotten too. That same morning the four boer goats were loose in the barnyard. Boer goats seem to be much better escape artists than even dairy goats are. They can clear a fence from a standstill. ~sigh~

Happy First Day of Summer!

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