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June 4, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

-- Belinda had two kittens. Since they are both orange, I'm sure Sam is the father.

-- Our wild roses are blooming this week. I still want to try to make some rose petal jelly, but then again do I need MORE jelly? Ours are pale pink/white in color; maybe my domestic rose will cooperate and bloom too, to add some color to the jelly.

-- I spent most of the week gathering things we need for the 4H horse show later this month. Dh had the truck's oil changed, and replaced a tire on the trailer.

-- Dh cut a portion of the hayfield, and we raked it up. This will go on all summer. Our field is much too tiny for someone to agree to come bale it. (The current split is 70/30 now! There would be nothing left by the time the baler took his 70%.)

For such a busy week, there was little accomplished that could be written down! I guess sometimes life is like that.

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